CCTV Installation

Protecting your home or business can not be taken for granted and because of that we at ECS NETWORKING SOLUTIONS makes it our business to make sure that your security and surveillance challenges are well catered for.


With our team of skilled experts your surveillance system Installations are implemented right the first time to ensure the safety of your properties.


No matter how complex your systems are, our team of skilled experts will be able to integrate our solutions with the existing infrastructure.


ECS NETWORKING SOLUTIONS is determined and dedicated to help your business become more efficient. We are experts in installing any type of network that will best suit your business needs.


Having a proper network installed will go a long way to help your business run its day to day activities effectively. It helps connect you to clients rapidly and easily, File sharing among employees and departments is made easy, Resource sharing of connected peripherals will help your business save money, Increasing storage by accessing files which are remotely stored on other machines on the network.

Server Installation

Is your company or organization looking for the best and proper way to keep your files and resources safe? Then look no further, ECS NETWORKING SOLUTIONS is at your service. We are experts in installation and configuration of all type of servers.

Days of loosing important documents/files is long gone. Lets help you and your company install a server today to ensure proper management of resources, resources security, effective backup of files, data/memory protection, and easy data transfer between devices and all departments of the organization.

Biometric Device Installation
  • Do you want the accurate time your employees come to work?
  •  Does your organization want the accurate data on the number of people that came around?
  •  Do you want to restrict access of some space to few peoples?

We are experts in the installations of biometric verification devices like;
Access Controls and Time Attendance.


Security Fencing

When it comes to your security and your protection you cant relax and leave it to chance.


With our expertise in the installation of security fence, lets help you protect your home and properties today.


Getting a security fence installed in your home or organization comes with a whole lot of advantage such as:

  • Preventing vandalism and theft of goods and property
  • Providing a physical and psychological deterrent to entry.
Web Development

The world is now a connected global village and there are lots of great benefits that is to be derived from being on the web.


With our expertise in web development and effective and beautiful UI designs we can help your business reach the needed customers and in turn increase your organization clientele.


Let ECS NETWORKING SOLUTIONS help your business tap into the web market and transform the phase of your business today.